Top Private Equity Executives
for all Stages of Your Portfolio Company

Gain Proprietary Access to Top Talent with RED PE Support

PE funds cannot risk putting the wrong executive into a company, yet they get stuck in a lengthy, expensive traditional executive recruitment process. It’s time for a new model.

We have spent years carefully selecting an elite group of executives — our Private Equity RED Team (Rapid Executive Deployment)– to serve as your fund’s on call resource. Assessing skillset and leadership style is key for each stage of the business, from diligence to hold period to exit.

There’s always a gap somewhere; whether it’s the controller or CFO, or whether you need a head of sales or president, there’s usually a gap.

-Douglas Song, co-founder of Prodos Capital Management


Each stage of your portfolio company requires different touch points, cadence, and skill sets. We look at your business with an owner’s perspective to match you with interim executives or implementation teams that bring speed, skill, quick decision making, and results.


•Diligence in weeks
•Business assessments
•Financial models
•Industry expertise
•Technology audit


•Revenue generation
•Cash conversion
•Systems & supply chain optimization
•Product development & positioning
•Governance & leadership practices


•Deal specialists
•Business valuation
•Preparation of financial metrics
•Business plan, documents, projections
•Diligence resources

10 Questions Every PE Fund

Should Ask Of Their Investments

  • Is there a clear strategic roadmap and is everyone in the company aligned with that vision?
  • How will you achieve your IRR or cash-on-cash hurdles? Is your focus more on organic growth or acquisitions; expansion into new markets; or innovating new product lines?
  • Do you know the cashflow and margin generated by each product and is there clear financial reporting?
  • Where can you cut expenses due to operational inefficiencies?
  • Is the right executive in place to produce the results? Do you need a visionary mindset? Turnaround? Growth?
  • Are you looking at the right metrics for the stage the company is at?
  • How are you leveraging technology, software and systems?
  • Are you gaining customers, or do you have a sales or product problem?
  • Do you understand the industry you are in and where you line up next to competitors?
  • What are the capabilities of your current team?

We look for a business where we know before we buy that we could do X, Y and Z to improve the operations of the company and get a return for our investors.

-Paul Pickard, Managing Director, Stewart Capital Management


The RED Team includes top private equity executives with complimentary skillsets (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CMO, CSO) who have run B2B and B2C companies from startup to F500 across a range of industries such as:

• Internet and SaaS
• Software
• Technology
• Healthcare

• Med Device
• Hospital
• Consumer products
• Manufacturing

• Distribution
• Business Services
• Nonprofit
• Education

• Food
• Retail
• Energy & Chemical
• Media