Find a NonProfit Executive
Who Excels at Mission and Business Skills

Nonprofit organizations need to run accountable businesses

How can you set your organization up for long term health? 

An interim nonprofit executive provides outside perspective to drive the creation and implementation of a strategic vision that aligns staff, leadership, board members and other stakeholders.

If you are facing a leadership gap, financial stress, bad morale, or lull in performance, the Association can quickly connect you with the right leader ready to deploy into your organization.

A 2015 survey by Nonprofit Finance Fund found that 52% of respondent organizations did not have the resources necessary to meet the demand for services.

Case Study

NonProfit Executive Takes On Consortium in Chaos

Vision Share, a non-profit consortium of eye banks around the US, needed help getting board members, organizational leadership, respective local organizations and the central team aligned under a common mission and goal.

We Deployed an Expert Interim CEO Who:

Detailed and approved strategic and organizational framework and infrastructure, market positioning, member services, financial modeling, member rules of engagement and business plan

Implemented the foundational internal and external execution components necessary to realize strategic goals across the organization and board

Evaluated, recruited and on-boarded a new permanent CEO

Even as a nonprofit, we still have to make a margin. We felt that if we could get an Interim CEO that brought us the business skills we could really advance the organization. And we were right.

– Cindy Reed, Board Member, Vision Share

10 Signs You May Need an

Interim Nonprofit Executive

  • Decline in revenue and insufficient runway to be a sustainable organization
  • Board members and staff are not aligned on vision or a go-forward plan
  • Internal politics are at play among the board and/or employees, resulting in low morale
  • There is no shared long term strategic vision
  • Innovation has not been a priority, threatening future growth 
  • Donors are concerned about organizational stewardship of their contributions
  • Lack of systems or financial controls making it difficult for the board to practice effective oversight
  • Senior leadership has failed, departed or needs to be shored up
  • The mission has changed, but it hasn’t been effectively communicated
  • Unusual turnover of leadership (staff and board)
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Case Study

Leadership Gap Calls for an Interim CEO

When the Tourette Association found itself lacking leadership, an interim CEO engaged to complete vital tasks.

An Interim CEO parachuted in to:

Developed and implemented an operating plan with staff and board members to move the organization forward, addressing key revenue sources

Completed a name and mission change process while stabilizing financial situation

Streamlined operations, dramatically improved investments in fund development and marketing, and recruited and onboarded a permanent CEO

You offer a remarkable service. Really a positive experience. The Interim CEO was terrific. She was definitely the right choice for us.

– Rovena Schirling, Chairman of the Board, Tourette Association