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You belong here if:


You are at the top

of your CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO, or turnaround game


You know how to drive results

and have a serious track record of success


You make the tough decisions

to better the company, even if it is not popular choice


You are focused

on implementation versus just giving great advice


You steer clear

of corporate politics


You have fire

in your belly to bring change to companies in need

Your World of Interim Management Multiplied

The Association of Interim Executives is highly selective. Acceptance is based on your track record of success
and your dedication to taking on interim assignments as a career (no job seekers allowed).  If you are a leading
executive ready to take companies by storm, we invite you to apply today.

Interim is in your DNA


RED Team

Veteran interim exec with outstanding results in
3+ interim assignments. 

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Starting a Career in Interim


Leadership Program

Executives intent on becoming an interim executive can become RED Team Ready at the Institute.

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RED Team Fast Track

Veteran interim executives who apply to the Association of Interim Execs begin with a Right Fit Assessment to see if they are a good fit for the RED Team. The RED Team requires a minimum of 3 highly successful interim engagements prior to interview. Executives interested in expanding their interim career can enroll in the
Leadership Program for Interim Executives.

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    Right Fit Assessment

    – Application
    – Discovery Call

  • 02

    AIE Toolkit

    – Member Briefing
    – Profile Builder
    – Online Optimization

  • 03

    Interim Mastery Series

    – Stat2Story Builder
    – TripleCheck Pitch Prep
    – Your Brand & Expertise

  • 04

    RED Team Ready

    – Rapid Deployment Program
    – Agent Pro

  • 05

    Market Maker

    – Confidential Clearinghouse
    – RED Roundtable
    – Rapid Teams &

A League of Extraordinary Interims

The Association's RED Team is made up of interim execs with rock star credentials. Even more important beyond sheer skill, is the shared commitment to these values:

  • Extraordinary truth to power, integrity and guts
  • Extraordinary predisposition to action
  • Extraordinary ability to perceive and make decisions
  • Extraordinary ability to provide value
  • Extraordinary ability to have fun

Has Your Work Had Great Impact?

Build Your Reputation as a World Class Interim


Identify as a leading RED Team executive


See your wins and track record searchable to the world


Establish yourself as a thought leader with unique content


Add firepower to your own marketing with Association PR

Access Tools to Make You More Effective


Explore the Interim Mastery Series™ to help you sharpen your brand, develop more IP, and broaden your client base.


Perfect your presentation and pitch to clients through tools including TripleCheck Pitch Prep and Stat2Story Builder


Discounted pricing on the Association’s Interim Executive Leadership Program

Extend Your Business & Dealflow


Boost yourself alongside the Association’s promotion of the RED Team to company owners, private equity, venture capital, and other referrers of interim business.


Forge new relationships with interim executives around the world and expand your resources for current and future assignments


Share best practices within a trusted community and tap into the expertise of top interim CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, CTOs, CMOs, and turnaround executives

Welcome to the RED Team

There are no guarantees of referrals to RED Team members, however, when a company shows up, we work as an agent to connect these companies with top
resources (like you!) that fit their needs. The Rapid Deployment Program™ offers free search to companies. In the event of a match between company and executive,
the Association will add a success fee on to the executive’s billing rate.

Highly Selective, Quality-Over-Quantity Organization

Membership in the Association’s RED Team is by invitation only. Your credentials will be reviewed
and if appropriate, a call will be scheduled to learn more about you.

RED Team

If you are incredible and truly interim, you’ve found your home. To qualify for the RED Team, you have already completed three amazing interim assignments. One time initiation fee: $1275

Starting as Interim

If you are an accomplished executive beginning a career in interim management, start with the Leadership Program for Interim Executives, a series of audio programs featuring top experts.

Elite Executives Who Know How to Produce Results

See What Our Executives Have to Say…

“I strongly believe that the combination of domain expertise, proven process (education) and experiential execution will deliver results beyond expectations.  The first two are easy to find, the third is the magic of an interim.“

- Mark Palmer, Interim CSO

“The Association provides me with great opportunities to stay abreast of all interim management topics, meet interesting contacts as well as share my expertise and experience. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

- Astrid Rapp, Interim CFO

“I am thankful to be part of an organization that provides a forum and support. Interims do not take interim actions. Results are measurable in P&L, the balance sheet and in the shared vision and focus of employees. Having an exclusive membership of execs that have a track record of making this type of impact is an unparalleled resource.“

- Dick Lindenmuth, Interim CEO & Turnaround