You Need a Blueprint
Before You Build, Expand or Renovate

Get a Complete Roadmap By a Top Operating Executive

We all know the story. Company pays thousands (or millions!) of dollars to get advice packaged up in a pretty report by a consulting company’s fresh MBA. And then…nada. Zip. Maybe it’s lack of resources, but ultimately, no one actually executes on the plan.

There is a solution for companies who do not want to sit stagnant. Interim executives who have run, grown, and turned around businesses bring a valuable outside perspective to look at all aspects of the business, create the roadmap, and execute on the plan.

TASC: Targeted Assessment for Strategy and Clarity

In a TASC business assessment an expert interim executive with deep domain expertise parachutes into a company to focus intensely on current conditions: operations, financials, cash position, customers, staff, management team, and ownership. But we go beyond recommendations on strategy. You have access to an executive who will implement and execute and make sure its done right.

True Operators Deliver Strategy and Implementation

  • Align the team, partners, owners, boards and employees
  • Grow sales and expand markets globally
  • Fix what is stuck, stalled, shutdown or stagnant
  • Maximize the value of a current or future transaction
  • Optimize profit, systems and processes
  • Create a new product, process, spinoff, JV or new company

Interims are not consultants. You are accessing the power and brainpower of boots-on-the-ground operators, who have a wealth of experience working with companies that span across size and industry. We don’t like big binders that end up sitting on a dusty shelf. A TASC business assessment provides an outlook of a company that points to results and how to get there fast.

– Robert Jordan, CEO, Association of Interim Executives

A Low Risk Way to Engage

With your TASC Assessment in hand you will know if you have the right team in place to implement. Need more resources? You can instantly access rapid executive deployment (RED) to seamlessly move into execution mode where your interim executive or RED team will implement and carry out the plan.

Dick Lindenmuth

“The company had lost $6 million in the last year. We presented a financial and operational business assessment to the investors and owners, and then engaged in implementing the plan. Three months later we were cash flow positive.”

Dick Lindenmuth Interim CEO
Damon Neth

“In a business assessment we bring to light processes, efficiencies, organizational needs and challenges and map those to the structure of an organization. These are high value, quick hits that are designed to move the football incrementally down the field.”

Damon Neth Interim CIO, CTO
Philippe Lavie

“We always go through an assessment to figure out what is going on within the organization from a revenue generation standpoint. We can quickly look at how they’re organized, how they function and if there are any constraints within the function of sales.”

Philippe Lavie Interim CSO
Michelle Barnes

“I find a lot of times organizations don’t really know why they’re in the situation they are. They just know they’re in a bad situation. I work with the staff, the board and some of our major funders to figure out what is really happening and present it back to the board.”

Michelle Barnes Interim CEO