Interim Management

For companies that are experiencing leadership gaps – CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO, CSO – interim executives step in to get a company on track, ultimately hiring their permanent replacement. The average assignment ranges from 3 months – 9 months.

Part-Time & Fractional Execs

Fractional executives take on multiple clients, especially with companies at a stage where they are ramping up growth and are not ready to to bring on a full-time hire. Whether a CFO to put systems and processes in place or CMO to lead strategy and execution of marketing initiatives, companies get the benefit of a full-powered executive for a fraction of the cost.

“If you look at the most successful companies in the world they change, they adapt, they innovate.”

– Robert Jordan, CEO, InterimExecs

Project Execution & Implementation Teams

When companies undergo specific initiatives, they often draw on project executives to add resources to the team without adding to permanent overhead. In most cases, transformation is needed whether technology (SAP implementation, outsourcing, systems integration), operations (process improvement), finance (prepare for IPO, M&A transactions), marketing (product launch, market expansion), and beyond. Learn More >

TASC Assessment

When companies find themselves wondering if they are on track — running efficiently, utilizing all resources, taking full advantage of the market and opportunities for growth — operating executives step in for a few days to a few weeks to get a full view of the organization: financials, operations, marketing, people, process, sales. At the end of the assessment, the executive or team will present a roadmap that a company can actually execute on. And if they need more resources to carry out the plan, our RED Team go beyond the world of consulting, and engage to make it happen.  Learn More >

“They had a CEO that was leaving that had taken the organization in a direction that may not have been sustainable.”

– Gregg Steinberg, Interim CEO

Private Equity Operating Executives

Private equity funds seeking growth and big returns utilize the RED Team to step into operating roles in PE portfolio companies at a moment’s notice. Sometimes there’s a leadership gap to be filled whether in the form of Interim CEO or CFO. More powerful possibilities come up when we bring in executives to grow the company, prepare for sale, or acquire and integrate other businesses to expand. An interim COO can streamline operations. An interim CSO can boost sales. An interim CIO can upgrade IT systems. An interim CMO can create a powerful brand presences. For companies looking for transformation, the RED Team can scale up or down as needed, making sure you have the right trusted team leading your portfolio companies.  Learn More >

Turnaround, Distress, Restructuring

One classic use case for interim executives is turnaround. Revenues fall. Losses mount. Team morale plummets and key people leave. Whatever the level of distress, from minor storm clouds to catastrophic failure, turnaround specialists can step in to fix or preserve assets. Where true turnaround has been achieved, it means the interim executive has been successful transforming the organization, whether improved infrastructure and systems or enhanced culture, in either case leading to renewed profits and reinvigorated operations.