Find the Right Leadership for Your Portfolio Company

Are You Investing in A+ Teams at All Your Companies?

If your portfolio company has a management team that has never successfully exited, or lacks the expertise needed to scale up, you can run into problems.

The Association of Interim Executives works with top interims around the world who have a track record of helping investors get big returns. Whether you need executive talent to lead a new acquisition, put financial controls in place, grow sales, or in some cases stop the bleeding, the RED Team can instantly be of help.

of fund managers report that more than 20% of their portfolio companies are performing below forecast or expectations

– Study by BDO Private Equity

Private Equity Rapid Executive Deployment

Diligence Experts

You need to be in command of your fund, so what do you do when you need subject matter experts? Access a broad and deep pool of expert operational talent that you can tap as and when needed to evaluate a potential investment.

Add-On Integration Work

Integration into a platform comes with a host of issues around teams, cultures, technology, reporting and financial systems. Interim execs can lead the integration process so you can avoid downtime and lost sales.

Leadership for Transaction

You can’t get the deal done without the right CEO or CFO. When you are presented with an opportunity, we can make sure you have the right executive on hand without delay or uncertainty.

Exit Readiness and Timing

When you’ve owned a company 3-5 years it is hard to retain perfect objectivity. How ready are your investments for exit? An interim can help identify best timing and make sure the deal gets done.

Implementation Team

On-call operating executives can tackle short-term projects within your portfolio companies to achieve best results in marketing, sales, operations, finance, technology and exit.

On-Call CFO

When the company you acquired never had a CFO, or you quickly find that the senior finance person you inherited is not up to snuff, an expert interim CFO can instantly parachute in.

Interim has become its own career calling and to be successful an executive not only needs many formative years in management; but they must have great credentials with repeat excellence in project roles demonstrated time after time. Private equity firms can access a lot of firepower with on-call executives who lead operations, finance, technology or sales.

– Robert Jordan, CEO, Association of Interim Executives

Bob Jordan Thumn

Is Your Portfolio Company an A, B, C…or an F?

Some people just maintain things as they are. Then there are leaders who have the skills and mindset to take companies through points of transformation and growth. True career interim executives don’t stagnate or get bogged down in organizational politics. They are doers and implementers who focus on one thing: results. Get started today with an interim performing a TASC Assessment.

Sean Roberts, Huron Capital

“A lot of the companies that we invest in are entrepreneur backed businesses that maybe don’t have all the corporate infrastructure that’s needed to operate as a Huron portfolio company. And a lot of the times that ends up being a an interim CFO solution to help the business get their financial reporting up to standards or an operational person to help implement some of the opportunities that we identified in our due diligence.”

Sean Roberts, Huron Capital *Quoted in Association Webinar: How Private Equity Funds Use Interim Executives
Michael Pfeffer, Post Capital Partners

“As we’ve identified businesses we work with interim executives to help us on the due diligence front. Post-acquisition, we tend to hire interims to help on the immediate execution of the plan. A lot of times it has to do with the financial function, maybe an interim CFO who will help put in the right processes and help us move from what is more often than not a family business and help us get it into an institutional business.”

Michael Pfeffer, Post Capital Partners *Quoted in Association Webinar: How Private Equity Funds Use Interim Executives