About Us

We believe in the power of interim management and the power of results. There are endless talent gaps in companies and without the right leadership, companies lose purpose, get stuck in old thinking, or hit a ceiling in their growth. But we have spent over a decade meeting executives from around the world who specialize in bringing these companies back to life.

We are the Association of Interim Executives. We are the voice of interim executives globally, a professional association with the mandate to educate the business world about the expanding specialty being practiced by many thousands of executives.

This is not an organization for job seekers. Interim management is its own career and is about helping companies grow, expand, pivot, turnaround or tackle opportunity in the shortest amount of time possible.

We provide a forum for increasing knowledge within the profession and bring together interim executives and the companies that need them. Companies can now eliminate the risk of a full-time hire and forget long employee contracts, benefits and severance packages. Instead they can access world class executives to tackle a specific project or opportunity on a project or contract basis.